I'll be honest up front in saying this is new for me. Not monsters of course, dealing with the paranormal and horrific has become the most familiar part of my life. What I mean is I'm not much of a blogger person, or a big internet person in general. I can't say I'm fond of putting my information on the internet what with my career and all, so I'll keep this part brief.

My name is Thomas Georgia, I am 34 years old, I have a masters in parapsychology, and currently I live in West Virginia, known for an assortment of things rather forgetful. Boring really, unless you're the type of person who enjoys hiking at 6 in the morning and rafting on some of the most mundane rivers in the country. If that's the thrill you look for, folllow your arrow I suppose. But this is not why I am here, and this probably is not the site for you.

However, if you are someone looking for the paranormal, the horrors laying right outside of our sights, you will find West Virginia is more interesting than you could have imagined. If you look beyond the small towns and farmers markets, the pothole covered roads and the wide fields of farms, you'd find that deep in those mountains is where all those horrors you've heard about are hiding. If you know where to look, it's all much more than mothman statues and pepperoni rolls. It's something truely, beautifully, horrific.

All things considered I really am located in the jackpot land for my field of work. I'm a paranormal investigator, should've led with that. It's not something you go yammering about (unless you're some television-ready pretty face off to make a mockery of the profession as a whole with some lame smoke-and-mirrors tricks.) People have very... off kilter reactions to that. Especially in this area, I think my neighbors would be more than happy to forget the wild part of this 'wonderful' state. When you go poking your nose around not so carefully, questions get asked you contractually can not give answers to.

It's better to lie and say I work for a travel agency, really. Not that that's believable, nobody is visiting this damn state. Everyone going out and not a soul going in. It's always the states nobody lives in that seem to have the most activity. Draw whatever conclusions you want from that, that's not my job to figure out.

There I go rambling, I should start getting to the point shouldn't I? What my job is rather than isn't. As I said, I'm a paranormal investigator. I work under a nation wide organization that is an... under-the-radar type of situation. We deal with very real, very dangerous supernatural occurances. This isn't a ghost hunting with a LED hampster ball situation, we are given very strict instructions about who and where we are looking for, what we need to obtain or destroy, and a thourough briefing on what we are getting into before wer're sent off for slaughter. Wonderful working conditions, OSHA would love us certainly.

Mostly I end up with simple situation assesment jobs. I go over and do whatever research I can before the main crew is sent out, document the experiences, and get back to anyone involved after our investigation. Sounds like simple work really, until your'e face to face with an 8 feet tall monstrosity, insistent on chasing you down whilst you write "Aggression Level: Intermediate" into a notepad. Most these documents remain classified under my organization. But every now and then, you find a rare gem you get the 'go ahead' on to share with the world. That's what I've been lucky enough to get assigned to me now.

And after what, 8 paragraphs? I am finally getting to the point. Can you tell my supervisors nag me to be more consice in my assesments. I have been given the amazing oppurtunity to release documents of assesments on our current case in real time to the public. So long as, of course I can manage to put it out somewhere that you'd have to do deep searching to really find anything of importance. Perhps my rambling alone could have sufficed meeting that reqquirement... but to be safe, putting it on here seems best. Here's the run down on the case:

Blairesville, West Virginia. A small, dull town that you wont find on any map, not even online. But several reports got brought in to us a couple months back about visitors being lured down some strip of road in the area, out into the forest. Most never return. The ones who do come out horrified, then can't remember or tell you anything about the expeirience within an hour of escaping. It gets stranger. According to the locals, the road they all head down nobody there has ever seen. Not a single resident lives on, or knows anything about 'Red Roadway.' I'm suprised I'm allowed to talk about this at all, let alone online. Stuff at this level would usually be put under classification before it even reached an investigators desk.

I'm sure at first glance it seems bland, barely worth a look at. Certainly we have much more pressing matters than some small town dissappearance cases. But unreported in that summary is a much larger case we are looking at. There has been a series of these happenings across the southern and midwest area, all with the same name uttered. "Red Roadway." We've started finding remains of these people... we think, at least. You see, our prior area assesments have returned to us a few pieces of physical documentation, except for the notes. ...And the researchers. Not that it's uncommon for these areas and creatures to hate journalists, but it's becoming an issue, see. Death, dissapearance, and spirals into madness comes with the field- it's practically in the job description- but we have precautions against that. We have tools to prevent that. Whatever it is out there, it is tearing through our department like paper, and we don't have the proper equipment against it somehow. You would think an organization with such a budget for technology would...

Regardless. What's been assigned has been assigned. I fully trust the organization would not send me out here unless we had new information on the phenomena, and would certainly not let me publically release my findings unless they planned for me to come back alive with a clear, concise, assement.

I do hope they aren't betting on concise, actually.